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Aims and Scope
Highlights of Molecular Science is an international open access journal, dedicated to publishing molecular studies on biology, chemistry, and medicine as well as other scientific disciplines of life sciences, such as genetics, genomics, epigenetics, immunology, molecular pathogenesis, microbiology, cancer biology, cell biology, neuroscience, and so on. The journal serves as a platform for addressing and communicating studies in all areas of molecular science with significant findings and broad scientific interests, that will be of use to the scientific community worldwide.

As a scholarly open access journal, Highlights of Molecular Science aims to report all scientifically sound research of molecular science, after a rigorous peer review process. To advance science communication, authors are encouraged to publish their experimental and methodical results in as much detail as possible in order to be reproduced. The journal accepts research articles, reviews, and case reports.

The journal will cover topics including:

  • biochemistry
  • bioinformatics
  • cancer biology
  • cell biology
  • genetics
  • genomics and proteomics
  • immunology
  • materials science
  • metabolomics
  • molecular basis of disease
  • molecular biology
  • molecular biophysics
  • molecular engineering
  • molecular medicine and pharmacology
  • molecular microbiology
  • molecular pathological epidemiology
  • molecular pathology
  • molecular plant sciences
  • nanotechnology
  • neurobiology
  • and other molecular aspects of life sciences
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Highlights Mol. Sci., ISSN: 2696-6549
Highlights Mol. Sci., ISSN: 2696-6549
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