Article Processing Charges (APC)
General Information on APC
Highlights of Science follows the gold open access model to publish its journals. All the contents published in Highlights of Science journals are immediately accessible free of charge. Meanwhile, authors retain the copyright to their work. All articles are published under a Creative Commons (CC BY 4.0) license.
Highlights of Science charges authors APCs to maintain its full open access publishing service, guaranteeing that anyone can read, use, download, keep and share the published contents without any barriers. Highlights of Science journals and the corresponding APCs are listed in the below table.
Journal APCs
The APCs are only subject to papers accepted for publication after peer review, and they are a one-time payment, often by authors or their affiliated institutes. Highlights of Science charges APCs per article. No additional charges will be applied in regard to the number of figures in an article or the number of pages of an article. For those non peer-reviewed types of items (Editorial, Correction, Addendum, Retraction, Comment, etc.), Highlights of Science publishes them free of charge.
Discount on APCs
Highlights of Science will issue discount vouchers to reviewers who submit good peer-review reports in a timely manner. They can use these discount vouchers for their next submissions to any of the Highlights of Science journals to finally help them get a reduced APC.
Authors from low-income countries may discuss with the editorial office to apply for potential waivers/discounts before submitting their articles. Highlights of Science has the discretion in regard to whether waivers or discounts can be granted.
Authors from developing countries may consider registering with AuthorAid, a free pioneering global network that provides support, mentoring, resources and training for researchers in low and middle income countries.
Accepted Currency
We accept payment in euro (). Invoice of the accepted papers will be issued via email. Payment of the issued invoice is due within 10 business days as of sending the invoice.
Important Notes
Highlights of Science does not authorize third parties to issue and/or collect APCs.
Payment should be made directly to Highlights of Science.
Authors need to pay extra cost, e.g., if they choose to pay the invoice by wire transfers, so that Highlights of Science receives the full invoiced amount.
Authors from Spain will have the local Value Added Tax (VAT) added to their invoices.
Please consult us before paying the invoice if you have any questions.
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