Highlights of Science is a scholarly open access publisher. We publish electronic, peer-reviewed journals through our web-based platform, www.hos.pub. During the publishing activities, we provide scientific publication and editorial services, which should be ordered through our online platform.
The following terms and conditions are applied to visitors/users of our platform and the authors who submit their articles to our journals for publication.
By using our platform and the services that we provide, you agree to the Privacy Policy specified by Highlights of Science.
By publishing with us, you agree to support open access publishing, which allows unlimited access to your published paper. In order to maintain long term and sustainable open access publishing, we charge you article processing charges (APC) to cover the cost during the entire publishing activities, but only for papers accepted for publication after full peer review. You can cancel your order at anytime before official acceptance for publication by withdrawing your submission from Highlights of Science journals. Once an article is peer-reviewed and accepted for publication, we will have to further edit your article and publish it online, in the meantime, you will have to pay the APC associated to your article.
The APC differs across journals. You can find the APC corresponding to a specific journal at the journal article processing charge page, or at the central page (Article Processing Charge), where all the journals and their APCs are listed.
Highlights of Science may issue discount vouchers, which can be used for articles published in any Highlights of Science journals. The discount vouchers are linked to email address, and can be transferred to another potential author. In such case, an application should be made prior to the usage, where the original email address and the one that the discount voucher will be transferred to should be supplied.
Highlights of Science will issue an APC contract (invoice) to the corresponding author as soon as the article is officially accepted for publication. Once an APC is issued, authors should pay the APC within 10 business days of sending the invoice.
The invoice is sent directly to the corresponding author by email. Highlights of Science does not authorize third parties in regard to issuing and/or collecting APC. Any payment should be made directly to Highlights of Science.
Highlights of Science may update this Terms and Conditions, and any changes introduced will be effective immediately upon the posting on this webpage without prior notice.
Your agreement with Highlights of Science, including all the terms and conditions described above, is governed exclusively by the laws of Spain. Any dispute that can not be resolved via good-faith discussion, negotiation and mediation shall be subject to jurisdiction of the courts.
Highlights of Science
20 May 2021
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