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A Note on the Role of Social Impact Investments in Minimum Variance Portfolios

Massimo Biasin 1, Roy Cerqueti 2,3,4, Emanuela Giacomini 1, Nicoletta Marinelli 1, Anna Grazia Quaranta 1 and Luca Riccetti 1,*
Department of Economics and Law, University of Macerata, 62100 Macerata, Italy
Department of Social and Economic Sciences, Sapienza University of Rome, 00185 Rome, Italy
School of Business, London South Bank University, London SE1 0AA, UK
GRANEM, Université d’Angers, 49035 Angers, France
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Academic Editor:
Highlights Sustain. 2022, 1(1), 5–11.
Received: 23 December 2021    Accepted: 10 February 2022    Published: 16 February 2022
This paper explores a possible way in which strategic asset allocation decision-making processes can suitably exploit Social Impact Investments (SIIs). We focus on the role that SIIs play in the context of variance-minimizing investments. To this aim, we employ an index that tracks companies’ financial performance. A hand-collected sample of Social Impact Firms (SIFs) is the basis of the empirical experiments. Our results point out that, on average, investors should invest a relevant fraction of their wealth in stocks of SIFs.
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Copyright © 2022 Biasin et al. This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY 4.0), which permits unrestricted use and distribution provided that the original work is properly cited.
This work was supported by Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca italiano (MIUR), project “Una piattaforma italiana per la finanza d’impatto: modelli finanziari per l’inclusione sociale ed un welfare sostenibile” (SIF16_00055).
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Biasin, M.; Cerqueti, R.; Giacomini, E.; Marinelli, N.; Quaranta, A.; Riccetti, L. A Note on the Role of Social Impact Investments in Minimum Variance Portfolios. Highlights Sustain. 2022, 1, 5–11.
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Biasin, M., Cerqueti, R., Giacomini, E., Marinelli, N., Quaranta, A., & Riccetti, L. (2022). A Note on the Role of Social Impact Investments in Minimum Variance Portfolios. Highlights of Sustainability, 1(1), 5–11.
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