Fausto Cavallaro
Fausto Cavallaro
University of Molise, Italy
Professor Fausto Cavallaro
Department of Economics, University of Molise, 86100 Campobasso, Italy
Short Biography
Fausto Cavallaro, currently is a professor of energy resources and sustainability management at University of Molise (Italy), referee of ANVUR (Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes) and for AVA (the Italian Higher Education Quality Assurance system), and delegate of University of Molise for the RUS (Italian Network of Universities for Sustainable Development) promoted by the Conference of the Italian Rectors (CRUI).

His research interests are in the areas of sustainability assessment, circular economy, renewable energy sources, intuitionistic fuzzy multicriteria analysis, inference fuzzy sets and machine learning. His work has appeared in Journal of Cleaner Production, Applied Energy, Energy Policy, Renewable Energy, International Journal of Energy Research, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Science of the Total Environment, etc.
Research Keywords
renewable energy; multi-criteria; fuzzy set; machine learning; sustainability assessment; circular economy; environmental management
Academic Editor Role
Journal Academic Editor Role
Highlights of Sustainability Founding Editor-in-Chief
Edited Article
Article21 October 2022
by Elena Bulmer, Magali Riera Roca and Julio Blas
Highlights of Sustainability 2022, 1(4), 224–232.
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