Eckard Helmers
Eckard Helmers
Trier University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Professor Eckard Helmers
Environmental Planning and Technology Faculty, Trier University of Applied Sciences, Environment Campus, 55761 Birkenfeld, Germany
Short Biography
Eckard Helmers is Professor at Trier University of Applied Sciences, Germany, since 1998. He is an analytical and environmental chemist initially coming from the field of marine sciences, where he participated in scientific expeditions throughout the Atlantic Ocean. He published some 70 scientific papers, many about trace elements in several environmental matrices. In recent years, he was particularly involved in Sustainable Mobility research.

He has been conducting research on automobile emissions for 30 years. Particularly, he is investigating the environmental impact of the European diesel car boom. Several research projects originate from a cooperation with the EU commission's Joint Research Center.

He initiated and headed projects in which combustion engine cars were converted to electric cars, accompanied by very detailed life cycle assessment, and comparing engine and electric cars under real-world conditions.

Recently he focussed on University sustainability analysis presenting the first objective international university carbon footprint comparison, as also the first quantitative measurement of sustainability subjects in university teaching.

He has been a visiting professor and guest scientist at universities in Singapore, USA, Abu Dhabi, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Luxembourg and Croatia.
Research Keywords
environmental impact assessment; electric vehicles; sustainable mobility; life cycle assessment; carbon footprinting; university sustainability
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Article    17 May 2022
by Alfred Söderberg
Highlights Sustain. 2022, 1(2), 88–104.
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